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Adult Ed - Spring 2015 Classes are Being Offered!


Adult Education


At this time there is only one Adult Education class being offered this spring. 


Exploring Photography


Instructor Diane Erhart


This class will cover camera controls and the best way to use them in a practical situation.  There will be three or four Saturday sessions.  More info is available on the school website


Here is the registration link.  Please register ASAP.  Adult Ed registration for Spring 2015



Bond Info Meeting

There will be an information meeting about the proposed school bond on Monday, March 30, at 7:00 PM in the multi-purpose room.  This will be a question and answer meeting.  If you call the county to get your home's taxable value, we can provide an approximate cost of the tax increase for you.

Employment Opportunities

Park City School District is currently seeking applicants for the following positions for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • English/Spanish Teacher
  • Head Volleyball Coach

Park City Schools to Ask for Bond This Spring

This spring the Park City School District is going to run a bond request in the amount of seven million dollars.  The request is to build an addition to the school that will house 12 classrooms, new office areas, a new library, and a commons.  It will also include new locker rooms, and new restrooms adjacent to the gym.  There will be remodel to expand the kitchen and dining area, expand the gym floor size and seating, and remodel to the office and library areas so the areas can be used more efficiently.  The money will also go towards helping to upgrade fire and safety code requirements for the school and shop buildings.  The attached document contains many of the questions and goals that were set by the facilities committee over several years.  The design of the building is just a concept.  Actual design will be determined by an architect and construction manager once the bond request is approved.  The maill ballots will be mailed on March 31 and due by April 21.  Please keep your eyes open for more info that can be found here, on the school's facebook page, and in newsletters. Park City School District Building Points

Contact Information

Park City Schools
Phone: (406) 633-2350
Fax: (406) 633-2913

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Panther Gear

Wear your pride: Thanks to the Booster Club, we can show our Panther Pride everywhere we go.  Hats, sweatshirts, bags and more, get your gear today!


Panther Gear

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